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Arcane Sin is a London based artist known for his intricate and deeply symbolic work. having his visual work being compared to the likes of Gustav Klimt, his photographic work published internationally and being described as an ‘An artistic transformer of his surroundings’ for his highly energetic performance work.

He has received press both online and in print, including METRO, Aesthetica Magazine and Attitude Magazine, and has been nominated for numerous awards, most recently being shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award.

He has had three solo exhibitions, DEATHMASK (2017), PRETTY (2014) DOLLS (2012) with DOLLS having its original gallery run extended, and in 2016 he curated his very first show - Damien Frost: Nightflowers at 5th Base Gallery which was selected and reviewed by the Royal Academy as one of their pick of the week’s art events (2 – 8 September 2016).
He also works with various charities and non-profit organizations including the likes of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation (PRETTY 2014) and CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably (DEATHMASK 2017).

“My work explores the dialogue between our internal thoughts and our external actions and the multiple filters that we create between them.” - Arcane Sin

Photography Damien Frost
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